5 Baton Rouge bites to show off to out-of-towners

Life in Baton Rouge has been anything but normal lately. But where we can be assured of finding cozy, consistent satisfaction is in the timeless bites that make the Capital City a real food town.

Maybe you’re still replacing the lost contents of your refrigerator after Hurricane Ida knocked out power, or perhaps you’re hosting friends who evacuated to Baton Rouge from harder hit areas. Or maybe you’re feeling nostalgic for a time when things felt more predictable.

Whatever the case, it’s a great time to seek out the sumptuous and mouthwatering bites that we associate with this place we call home. Here are five of our favorites.

Garlic Knots with Whipped Provolone at Rocca. Photo by Raegan Labat

Garlic knots at Rocca Pizzeria

You had us at whipped provolone, Rocca. Or maybe it was the sheen of olive oil and Parmesan painted on each adorable garlicky bread knot. (And yes, if you look closely, the dough is actually knotted.) It doesn’t matter that the main course here, pizza, is carb-y. You’ll still order knots before your pie, dragging them through the light-as-air provolone for good measure.

Bleu cheese chips at Bistro Byronz

This sharable starter has just the right amount of tang to get your palate going. House-fried, thick-cut potato chips are draped in blue cheese sauce that’s studded with blue cheese crumbles and topped with chopped scallions. Even blue cheese haters will find pleasure in this perfectly balanced appetizer, delicious with beer or sparkling wine.

Cajun boudin balls at Tony’s Seafood

Smaller than most, Tony’s deep-fried, diminutive Cajun boudin balls combine porky goodness with just-hot-enough Cajun spices. Being bite-sized means you can eat several, one after the other, without regret. That grease-stained paper bag will be empty before you leave Tony’s always crowded parking lot. Seafood and crawfish boudin balls are also available.

Muffaletta at Anthony’s Italian Deli

Some muffalettas you can hardly wedge into your mouth, but this one makes it easy. A panini press creates the perfect just-crisp exterior. Inside the sammy, warmed provolone, capicola, ham, salami, mortadella and house-made olive salad fuse harmoniously.

Beignets and cafe au lait at Coffee Call. Photo by Collin Richie

Beignets and cafe au lait at Coffee Call

A family-owned and -operated place that’s been around since 1976 knows a thing or two about frying beignets. Order a plate of beignets, or thinner beignet fingers, along with a cup of cafe au lait. It’s a transformative afternoon pick-me-up and a great excuse for a late-night gathering. Added bonus: the coffee beans are roasted on site.