Back to the ’80s

Battle: Los Angeles star Michele Rodriguez was spotted several Thursday nights in October and November at Star 80, Spanish Moon’s weekly ’80s dance night hosted by DJ Bird. Our source says the 31-year-old actress and Texas native was no wallflower, mingling and dancing with a group of her friends and talking to regulars, too.

New shoplifting wrinkle: boosting

Deputies with the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested three people suspected of a daring string of thefts at boutiques at Towne Center. The group is suspected of “boosting,” where groups grab armfuls of higher-end merchandise and bolt for a nearby getaway car. Retailers we spoke to said there has been a rash of such thefts of late in and around Towne Center at Jefferson and Old Hammond highways. Towne Center retailers we spoke to were alarmed at the rash of such brazen thefts. However, Baton Rouge Police Spokesman Don Kelly says shoplifting does not appear to be on the rise here. “Our numbers actually show shoplifting specifically, and thefts in general, have clearly been trending down over the past several years,” Kelly said. “Although, to be fair, it’s impossible to know whether that means there are actually fewer instances or if they’re just not being reported as much.”

Baton Rougeans visit Project Runway

You could safely say that Barbara Lasseigne (far right) of Baton Rouge has a pretty good “in” with Bravo’s popular TV show Project Runway. Her sister Sara Rea is an executive producer of the show, which is up for a People’s Choice Award. Lasseigne recently flew to New York City with some of her friends to watch the shooting of the Season 6 finale. They are (from left) Carlos Finalet, Gabé Vetter, Ricky Brock, Allison Stiel and Kimberly Abel.

If you think they waste time in the world of television production, think again. Our source (hint: she’s in the photo, and she took a photo that runs elsewhere in this month’s issue of 225) reports that shooting of Season 7 already wrapped up in New York City last summer. And Abel (second from right) apparently has a sharp sense of style herself: she and Season 1 winner Jay McCarroll, who she met on the set for the finale shoot, were wearing the exact same nail polish. Jinx!