Putting the ‘person’ back in personal training: How one local facility’s holistic approach yields better results, sponsored by Future Fitness BR

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You want to look and feel your best, and the right personal trainer can give you the boost necessary to get there. If you have never worked out before, it can feel pretty overwhelming to walk into a gym or a workout class. Making sure you get the foundations down early increases the odds that you’ll reach your fitness goals.

Everyone’s physical needs are unique. To find success in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and feeling your best, it’s important to have training regimen tailored just for you. From beginners to seasoned veterans alike, every person must first evaluate and set personal goals with a fitness partner to help with the support and accountability necessary to meet them. Since 1994, Chris Gendusa has been helping people make valuable life-changes with his team of nutritionists, personal trainers, physical therapists, yoga and Pilates instructors, and Integrative Health practitioner at Future Fitness on Lobdell.

These trainers coach the whole person. Experienced in resistance, flexibility, cardiovascular and neuromuscular training techniques, Future Fitness personal trainers create a comprehensive training program for your body type and physical needs. The personal training team at Future Fitness tackles every box on your wellness checklist. From nutrition to group classes to one-on-one time with a trainer who knows you, these trainers do things differently.

Training the mind and the body

Resistance training is movement that makes muscles contract against an opposing force with the intention of acquiring strength, tone, mass, stamina or weight loss. Some common forms are weightlifting, exercise machines, push-ups and resistance bands.

Flexibility training refers to exercising muscles in order to advance overall mobility in a series of joints. This can help improve posture, reduce soreness and low back pain, increase the flow of nutrients to tissues, improve muscle coordination, and reduce the risk of injury.

Heart & Lungs
Often called “cardio,” cardiovascular training is exercise designed to help you gain muscular ability by developing the performance of your heart and lungs. It allows better allocation of oxygen to your muscles, and can also help you keep a healthy weight since it burns calories. Some forms of cardio include spin, power walking, running, biking and aerobic dance.

Neuromuscular training, also known as plyometrics, is focused on gaining athletic performance. Clients receive private personal training in order to produce more power and quicker movements while at the same time improving nervous system function. This sort of exercise works muscles in a repeated, rapid sequence.

Because no two clients are alike, the trainers at Future Fitness begin each membership with a one-on-one fitness evaluation. From there, they tailor a personalized training plan for your body type, as well as your physical/personal needs. What you do outside the gym matters too—that’s why there are certified nutritionists and an Integrative Health Practitioner on staff to provide nutritional consulting and lifestyle recommendations. Check out the brand new facility located across from Towne Center click here to meet your trainer. 

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