[Sponsored] A curriculum that fuels career aspirations: Baton Rouge blooms with options

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Today, parents have more choices when it comes to schools. Knowing what type of school environment is best for your family is a big decision, so consider the options. The philosophy behind our magnet schools is that they are specialized programs that offer theme-based curriculum to attract students with special interests. No longer do we assume that ‘one-size fits all’ in education. So if you’re looking for a specialized program for your child, the East Baton Rouge Parish Magnet Program may be the perfect fit.

EBR Magnet schools provide students with a thematic focus, instructional continuity, and flexible hands-on learning experiences. The theme-based approach promotes exploration in learning environments which allows students an opportunity to consider their own personal interests, ultimately fostering invaluable life skills. Specialized programs like these allow families to choose the school that will ignite passion in their child and lead them to a bright future.


By allowing students to pursue what motivates them, East Baton Rouge Parish Magnet programs benefit individual participants as well as our entire community. To learn more, visit ebrmagnet.org.


Did you know?

While most people are aware of the Magnet schools, many parents are in the dark about what sets the EBR Magnet schools apart. Take a look at these highly specialized but little-known programs:

Earn college credits, tuition-free. 

Through a partnership with the East Baton Rouge Parish School System, Baton Rouge Community College, and IBM, students who graduate from Tara High School’s CY-TECH Program can earn both a high school diploma and a full Associate’s Degree in a computer science, which includes up to 60 transferrable college credit hours should students want to pursue a higher degree program. Designed after the P-TECH 9-14 model, students enter the Cy-TECH Magnet Academy in 9th grade and may begin enrolling in college courses as early as 10th grade. CY-TECH is part of the East Baton Rouge Parish School System and is open to all EBR students, at no cost to students and their families.


Pre-medical pathways available in high school.

Glen Oaks High School Medical Magnet has a comprehensive program designed to combine academic skills, theoretical training and practical experience in the medical and health care fields. Graduating students enter the world of work immediately after graduation better prepared for advanced studies at the college or post-secondary level. Thanks to established partnerships with Baton Rouge General Healthcare Systems and Southern University’s College of Nursing and Allied Health the innovative four-year, medical program rewards students who demonstrate a special interest in medical careers.

Shape the future with technology, media and broadcasting.

Istrouma Magnet High School offers courses in everything from media arts and process technology. It begins in middle school. Istrouma Middle Magnet’s accelerated curriculum and inquiry-based instruction allows students to be immersed in a cutting-edge learning environment. Its academic honors program earns high school credits while keeping bright children excited to learn.


To find out more about EBRP Magnet Schools,  visit ebrmagnet.org.