[Sponsored] Career crossroads—Clear a path with an MBA

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After a few years building a career, many professionals feel stuck. They have advanced in their position, but may be overlooked or unqualified for the next leap. This is the perfect time to pursue a masters degree. Completing an MBA program increases a person’s skillset and abilities and, as a result, their career value and potential skyrockets.

We checked in with two recent LSU Flores MBA grads to find out how they improved their career path when they found themselves at a crossroad.
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Executive MBA students met with Benjamin Wong at Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK) to discuss business development opportunities in Hong Kong and the broader region.
“The Executive MBA track was a great fit for me. With a young family and demanding career, the schedule and tempo in which I could earn an advanced degree was perfect. Now, in my new position as president and general counsel of the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association, I use what I learned in the Flores MBA program, which more than prepared me for this position. I’m very thankful for my experience in the Flores MBA program and would recommend it to anyone looking to advance their education or career.”
—Tyler Gray, EMBA class of 2018

Why employers want MBA grads:

Knowledge—MBA programs couple a graduate’s professional experience with in-depth courses and opportunities for study abroad. These grads have a wider understanding of international business and are invaluable for a company’s growth.

Problem-solving—Armed with MBA course knowledge, graduates have a broader understanding of the business and their strategic thinking makes them terrific problem-solvers.

Communication—MBA grads are able to connect with people from a variety of departments, channels and executive levels. They are more confident and able to clearly relate ideas and information.

Data—Graduates are more skilled at interpreting data and making calculated decisions based on their findings.

Leadership—Well-rounded MBA graduates are more effective leaders and more skilled at developing others.

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LSU Professional MBA class
“My MBA from LSU has been invaluable. The Professional MBA program provided me with the education and knowledge that allowed to start and successfully operate my own law firm. Moreover, the PMBA program made me a better business attorney because it gave me the skills and insight to serve my clients on a deeper level. LSU’s PMBA program was one of the best educational and personal experiences of my life.”
—Ryan J. Richmond, Richmond Law Firm, LLC