[Sponsored] Celebrating Black History Month

Black History Month carries a different weight in our city. We are not just observers of history—our community has shaped black history and will continue to do so in the future. Baton Rouge was the first city to have a civil rights bus boycott. Over the generations, residents and leaders have worked to instill racial equity within our community.

The push for equity in Baton Rouge hasn’t stopped. In 2020, I created the Commission on Racial Equity and Inclusion, which works to identify, strategize, and create solutions for inequities. The 24 members were tasked to evaluate city practices and policies to present recommendations that will improve racial equity. While we celebrate our strides toward a more fair and just society, we also acknowledge there is still work ahead. Click here to read the COREI report and learn more about the City-Parish’s efforts to create an inclusive future.

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