Slender Blends – Sips

What better way to celebrate 2012 than with a drink or two? Even if your New Year’s resolution includes losing weight, Kona Grill offers a few tasty low-calorie drinks like the Slim CosmoRita ($7) and the Slim Citrus Flip ($6.50). The CosmoRita will have you puckering up with its combination of cranberry, lime and ruby red grapefruit juices. The Patron Silver gets a little help from the Monin sugar-free triple sec, giving the drink its kick to the calorie count, a delicious 84. Even trimmer at 34 calories is the Citrus Flip, a sly blend of Skyy, Seaglass white wine, and our friend Monin again. Keeping your resolutions going strong never tasted so good.