Pizza popularity

The prominence of the Italian pie continues to rise as fast as dough in the Red Stick, with casual Italian restaurant chain Rotolo’s (rotolos.com) adding another location on Perkins Road and family Italian joint Monjunis (monjunis.com) making pizza-pie part of their menu in response to massive customer demand. Monjunis now serves up a special thin-crust pie, topped with a house-made sauce.

In addition, Mama Della’s N.Y. City Pizzeria (mamadellas.com) has opened on Jefferson Highway, owned and operated by New York native Barry Kalt and named after his mother Adele.

“Everything is authentic,” Kalt says with pride. “And my commitment to the highest-quality ingredients is unwavering.” The tomatoes for the sauce come from Italy. The Italian salad dressing is his mother’s recipe, the one Kalt grew up eating at home. Even the spice on the roasted chicken wings and the blue cheese marinara come from family traditions dating back decades.