Which Mercedes-Benz best describes you? [Sponsored]


Are you an adventurer or a calm, collected cruiser? Maybe you’re more practical with a wild streak? Behind the wheel of every Mercedes is a driver with class and elegance (and a hint of flamboyance). No matter how colorful or laid back your lifestyle, there’s a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle to suit you.

Which Mercedes-Benz fits your personality? Take a look below to find your match!

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan

— Favorite Drink: Cold brew coffee
— Typical Weekend: Trying the newest restaurants
— Most-Used Feature: 11.9 inch multimedia touchscreen

You suit up in the office, but outside of work it’s a completely different ball game. You have a knack for style and you pull it off well. Setting goals and accomplishing them runs in your DNA; so does your appetite for a challenge! Overcoming obstacles brings you an adrenaline rush. Like the C-Class Sedan’s 4-wheel multilink suspension, you gloss over bumps with ease. Your confidence in your strut intertwined with your subtle elegance is the reason you drive a C-Class.

Mercedes-Benz EQS

— Favorite Drink: Matcha latte
— Typical Weekend: Visiting the Redstick Farmers Market
— Most-Used Feature: Charging feature

You are more “in the know” than most. You’re always on top of the latest and greatest technology and you know how to use it. The EQS is the most intelligent sedan of its class and one of the most technologically advanced sedans of all time. Just like you, this car stays ahead of the pack.

Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV

— Favorite Drink: Homemade jalapeno lemonade
— Typical Weekend: Hauling the boat to the camp
— Most-Used Feature: Panorama sunroof

You’re the life of the party! Your confidence and fun-loving personality makes everyone want to be around you. You’re big on style even on the smallest of details like the Mercedes-Benz GLE. Adapting to any environment is easy for you. You love the urban scene, but aren’t afraid to get a little dirt on you when you venture away from the city life and become one with nature. Click here to view MBOBR’s current inventory of GLE models.

Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV

— Favorite Drink: Coconut water
— Typical Weekend: Shuffling kids to sports
— Most-Used Feature: Soft-close doors

Planning and staying organized is key! That’s why all those long family road trips in the comforting cabin of the GLS are always flawless. You have a competitive streak a lot like the GLS SUV. Aside from your thirst for winning, your nurturing and caring personality mixed with your tendency to put others’ needs before your own is the reason that the GLS is the perfect vehicle for you. Click here to schedule a test drive.

Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster

— Favorite Drink: Paper plane
— Typical Weekend: Taking a scenic detour to the Northshore
— Most-Used Feature: Power-retractable hard top

The Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster’s seductive details and show-car shape make it the perfect vehicle for those who don’t only love attention, but THRIVE on it! You’re not afraid to stand out and neither is the SL, and together, you’re sure to capture the eyes of many admirers. While you’re all about exclusivity, you’re also a bit of a romantic with a big heart. Click here to check out more AMGs.

Find the Mercedes-Benz For You

No matter how you describe yourself, Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge has the perfect vehicle to fit your lifestyle. Stop by and test drive the car that’s “really you.” Click here to get started.