Lane Grigsby’s trophy mounts

Dall ram (Northwest Territories, Canada)

Moose (Northern British Columbia, Canada)

Rocky Mountain bighorn (Alberta, Canada)

Elk (New Mexico)

Antelope (New Mexico)

Javelina (South Texas)

Blue Buck (South Texas)

Red Stag (Patagonia, Argentina)

‘Shooting an individual animal rather than at a bunch of birds seemed to be more personal,” Lane Grigsby says, explaining his move to hunting large game in 1982. “I quickly got over those hesitancies.”

Since a friend gave him his first rifle in the early 1980s, the Cajun Constructors founder and political activist has killed something in nearly every significant game species in North America. And no field-baiting or ride-and-shoots, he adds.

Grigsby and his companions have eaten most of their prey, chowing on everything from the tongue and heart to the gonads—“Rocky Mountain oysters,” Grigsby calls them.

He keeps intricate journals of the expeditions—one was for 17 days near the Arctic Circle, another included presidential candidate Mike Huckabee—with details like ammunition, conversations with friends and his thoughts and observations in the wild.

“The journals are for my grandkids and their kids,” he says. “In 2062, when they hunt with lasers or whatever, it’ll be good for them to have a record of what it was like.”