How East Baton Rouge Parish Schools Are Meeting the Needs of Every Student

Content provided by our sponsor: East Baton Rouge Parish School System.East Baton Rouge Parish School System

The East Baton Rouge Parish School System remains committed to enhancing the level of academic rigor in the district’s schools. With a diverse array of programming and activities, EBRPSS offers something to meet the needs of every learner.

Educators across the system use creative methods, including the Core Six strategies, to increase student achievement and engagement while preparing them for the demands of college and career.

“These research-based strategies can be applied to any core content standards, and foster the development of students’ reading, listening and writing skills. The evaluation and analysis techniques improve higher-order thinking skills,” said EBRPSS Chief of Academic Programs Andrea O’Konski.

The district offers Academic Magnet, Gifted, Great Scholars and Scholastic Academy programs to push students to reach their maximum potential. Programs are conveniently located throughout the parish.

“Gifted classes are unique and extraordinary, just like our students,” Gifted Program Supervisor Bethanne Stapleton says. “The variety of course choices offered allows each student a level of curricular individualization that enables us to meet the very specific needs and interests of that student. For instance, we have a current high-school junior who will have earned more than 65 college credits through a combination of Dual Enrollment and AP courses by the end of this year. Gifted allows us the flexibility to make that happen.”

An increased district focus on STEM opportunities is also on the horizon as the system adapts to address the workforce-development demands of our community. “Leaders gathered recently to build a strategy for making STEM learning intentional throughout the system, thus expanding STEM-rich learning opportunities for students and teachers,” says Keila Stovall, executive director of the Foundation for East Baton Rouge School System. “The resulting plan, facilitated by the Foundation for East Baton Rouge School System, is aimed at increasing the number of students graduating from high school [who are] college- and career-ready.”

The system is addressing the needs of learners by providing a safety net to ensure students stay on track through the use of interventions and supports programs. Data-driven decision-making allows educators to provide individualized instruction for students, addressing gaps in real time.

Increasing opportunities for tutoring and mentoring programs, both after school and in the summer, is another area of focus for Superintendent Warren Drake, who has talked much in recent months about engaging partners to support this effort.

Baton Rouge’s parents and students have a variety of choices designed to encourage students to excel while providing them with the support necessary to achieve.