Gone fishin’ – Bites

Those who crave seafood but don’t want the traditional Louisiana deep-fried deliciousness or heavy cream sauces on a steamy July day ought to seek out ceviche this month. The origins of ceviche trace back nearly 500 years to the land that is now Peru, where the Incas marinated fish and shellfish in the acidic juices of citrus imported by Conquistadors from Spain. Still known around the world as a Latin American dish, ceviche is served at a few restaurants in Baton Rouge. Thankfully, after years as a secret off-menu item, ceviche is back in Chef Nando’s rotation at Ninfa’s. The appetizer ($10.95) features fresh fish and shrimp marinated in tart lime juice with onions, tomatoes and black olives. Topped with fanned avocado slices and a large cut of lime, this ceviche is a colorful and refreshing summertime dish that pairs well with a Dos Equis lager or a margarita. To read more by Jay D. Ducote, check out his blog at biteandbooze.com.