Five Baton Rouge restaurants that offer free snacks or treats with your meal

Who doesn’t love getting free food when going out to eat? There are plenty of restaurants in the area that offer freebies to their customers to snack on while waiting for the entrees, or to add a sweet ending to a delicious meal.

Here are five Baton Rouge eateries with complimentary treats you just have to try.

There are, of course, plenty more spots around Baton Rouge that offer savory snacks at the start of the meal—and even sweet treats at the end. Let us know about your favorites by emailing [email protected].

Pickles and chips at BRQ Seafood & Barbeque

BRQ on Jefferson Highway kicks off every meal with two great complimentary appetizers. When you sit down to order, you will be met with bowls of house-made potato chips and bread-and-butter pickles. It may seem at first like a curious combination to start your meal, but it’s actually the perfect pairing of savory from the barbecue-flavored chips with a little bit of sweetness from the crunchy pickles. Once you start eating these treats, you won’t be able to stop—which is totally OK, because there’s plenty to go around.

Seasoned pork rinds at SoLou

While most restaurants might offer bread or chips, SoLou is one of the few in town to give out little baskets of fried pork skins that the whole table will be fighting over. While this Perkins Road restaurant has plenty of mouthwatering starters, the pork rinds are tasty, spicy and complimentary. The restaurant also often surprises diners at the end of the night with a fluffy tower of cotton candy.

Chips and salsa at Tio Javi’s. File photo Amy Shutt

Chips and salsa at Tio Javi’s

Though most Mexican restaurants offer free chips and salsa to pick at while you’re waiting for your meal, Tio Javi’s goes the extra mile and offers not one but two salsas to choose from. The first is your classic red salsa. It’s smoky and flavorful—but not too hot for those who can’t take the spice. The second is a green salsa, which they call Green Sauce. It’s creamier than your average salsa verde. It almost tastes like a combination of guacamole and green salsa, which makes it even more addicting. You also wouldn’t be faulted for drizzling some of these salsas over your meal at the popular Constitution Avenue spot. 

Fruit slices at Sushi Yama

Sushi Yama on Perkins Road offers a sweet treat with your check that will make you feel better about all the sushi rolls you just consumed. Usually, Sushi Yama will bring a plate of pineapple chunks to the table after a meal, but sometimes other fruit or melon is given depending on the freshest produce the restaurant has in stock. It’s the perfect sweet treat to end your meal and will have you feeling refreshed as you hit the door.

Bread with dipping oil and cotton candy at Ruffino’s 

Everyone loves free bread at the start of a meal, and Ruffino’s does free bread just right: Smalls bowls are scattered across the table when you sit down, paired with a poured blend of olive oil, spices, Italian cheeses and garlic that makes the perfect dipping sauce for warm, crusty bread. Ruffino’s dishes out complimentary treats after the meal, as well. Large pink pillows of cotton candy are given to guests as a free sweet after the meal is over. These cotton candy creations are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth while you’re waiting for your check—or while you’re waiting for the dessert menu to be passed around.

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