Feel Your Best: Three new wellness therapies to try in Baton Rouge [Sponsored]

Sponsored by The Covery


Working out and eating well is just the beginning of your wellness journey. Three new therapies can take you the rest of the way, improving your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. The Covery, on Corporate Boulevard, offers an immersive, instant gratification of all the “feel good” and “good for you”  treatments which Baton Rouge has never been offered before, all in one location. The new concept emphasizes wellness, recovery and injury prevention, and its offerings include Cryotherapy,  IV Infusion, Float Therapy, HYPERBARIC Oxygen Therapy, NAD+, hydrafacials, compression therapy and lymphatic drainage, and much more.

“When you go so hard, you have to take time to slow down and recover,” says The Covery and REGYMEN Fitness Co-Founder and Vice President of Construction & Logistics, Troy Archer. “The mind and the body need to re-store. This is your time—no calls, no emails—the world does not exist. Stress will always tighten the soul, you have to make time to recover. ” Troy shares three new therapies available to experience at The Covery Baton Rouge. Recover, recharge and feel your absolute best. A session of our NAD and IV therapy will help reset the body and eliminate the brain fog we all feel at times.


Our daily lives are filled with a variety of distractions and stressing situations. Most individuals walk around in a chronic state of mild dehydration, which causes a reduction in energy levels, lessened mental clarity, and the impact our overall feeling of wellbeing. If you live with anxiety, depression, cardio-vascular disease, chronic muscle spasms, fibromyalgia or another lack of sleep, IV infusion therapy might be able to provide relief. The Covery can administer an immune-boosting IV that provides you with the fluid and vitamins your body needs to function properly. Boosting your intake of everything from vitamin C and vitamin B complex to zinc and glutathione, which can Increase energy, help detox the body, and slow the effects of aging. The Covery also specializes in NAD+, the miracle nutrient which turns back time, heals the body at a cellular level, and helps clear the brain fog that occurs in all of us. To speak with an IV infusion therapist at The Covery, call 225.256.7319.


The Covery provides cryotherapy care to those who want to improve their energy, metabolism, immunity and mobility. Cryotherapy has been linked to stimulating the Vagus Nerve, which is essentially the captain of your inner nerve center, reducing the mental and physical impact of anxiety and fatique, as well as helping in Pain Management. Whole body cryotherapy is exposing your whole body to “cold” therapy. The goal is to expose as much skin as possible to temperatures of -166F or below for a short period of time (2-3 minutes) to create a drop in the external skin temperature of 30-40 degrees. This rapid drop triggers a unique beneficial process for the body, sending your blood is rushing from your extremities to your core. Besides the recovery benefits, Cryotherapy has also been known to reduce inflammation, help allieviate muscle spasms, as well as increase metabolism. Cryo-bonus: When you complete a session of cryotherapy, it increases the production of the “fight or flight” hormonal response; triggering an increased level of energy, wellbeing, and happiness!


The mind needs to be “unplugged” in order to fully recharge. We are bombarded with stress, daily demands from work and home, and we are attached to our technology.  You cannot be on top of your game when you are mentally drained, and physically exhausted. The solution to this is the FLOAT. Sensory deprivation tanks and float therapy have grown a faithful following. This sort of wellness treatment can benefit people suffering from insomnia or chronic pain, enhance cognitive function and creativity, and aid in athletic recovery. Traditional Float Therapy, which utilizes baths filled with water and minerals, is intended to deeply nourish and remove toxins. Dry flotation is completely different, in that the focus is on relaxation of the muscles and joints by imparting a feeling of weightlessness and deep relaxation. While you float, you can experience an IV infusion, redlight therapy, and so much more, or you can just simply FLOAT away.

Life is a sport; business is a sport; you should recover like an athlete, as we are the athletes of everyday life. Experience the healing. The Covery offers a plethora of services, including Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments, Whole-Body Cryotherapy, Hydrafacials, IV Therapy, and more with membership or drop-in based pricing. Call today or visit thecovery.com for more information.