Fashion trends, backwards

15 fashion trends through the years as seen from 225’s editorial photo shoots

Fashion is like a revolving door. Just when you thought you saw the end of a trend, it comes right back around a few years later.

Some trends are a flop and die the same year they began, while others evolve and return every couple of decades. It’s been this way for bell-bottom jeans, classic Converse sneakers, large statement earrings and neon clothing.

Take a look back at how fashion trends have evolved since 225 first started publishing style features in 2006. Walk down memory lane, and see if you can spot what fashion must-haves you wore over the years.

Photo by Adam Vo


Earth tones

It could be the Kardashians’ love of nude colors and neutraltoned clothing or the minimalist movement, but 2020 fashionistas are all about earthy hues. No matter the season, locals can elevate their attire with warm tans, chocolate browns, deep evergreens, mauves and sandy off-whites.

Photo by Allie Appel


Snakeskin footwear

2019 was wild. And not just because astronomers released the first-ever photo of a black hole. It was the year of snakeskin footwear. Snakeskin boots, heels, flats, wedges and even sneakers slithered their way into local boutiques, making them the ultimate go-to statement footwear.

Photo by Raegan Labat


Statement earrings

If there was a theme for the ’80s, it would be “the bigger the better.” From the hair to the earrings, the ’80s made a statement. Who would’ve thought a couple decades later, big, flashy earrings would make their return? Local makers designed everything from tassel earrings to funky earrings in the shape of plants, food and animals.

Photo by Jordan Hefler


Off-the-shoulder ruffled tops and dresses

A little shoulder never hurt anyone. And 2017 is proof of that. From ruffled, flowy tops to full-length maxi dresses, off-the-shoulder accents were the new crop top.

Photo by Allie Appel



Hello? Is that the ’90s calling? Chokers returned around 2016. But it wasn’t just the plastic chokers we wore back in the day. Local boutiques sold chokers made from denim, leather, lace and metal. Some were embellished with charms, stones or other decorative accents.

Photo by Charlene Guilliams


Lapel pins

With the help of a few decorative lapel pins, your classic denim jacket or baseball cap can go from boring to bangin’. Everyone from local boutiques to big-name designers sold stylish pins to accent your wardrobe in 2015.

Photo by Jordan Hefler


Asymmetrical tops and dresses

Why choose between a mini and maxi skirt when you can have them both? In 2014, local boutiques and clothing designers got creative with clothing shapes and began making them asymmetrically. This was most popular with summer dresses and skirts, and it eventually made its way to formal wear.

Photo by Raegan Labat



Wedges took over the footwear world in 2013. Maybe it was the comfort or the functionality, or maybe women just grew tired of wearing stilettos. Whatever the reason, designers began making wedges for every style: cork wedges, leather wedge sandals and the most memorable— sneaker wedges.

Photo by Jordan Hefler


Peplum pieces

What was the best way to look feminine, fierce and fit in 2012? Peplum tops and dresses. Women wore peplum cocktail dresses to events, professional peplum tops with pencil skirts to the office and even peplum outerwear. This figure-flattering style can still be found around town today.

File photo


Chain necklaces

*Cues “Chain of Fools” by Aretha Franklin* Chain necklaces aren’t just for ’80s rappers and basketball players. 2011 revealed a different side to chain necklaces. They were worn casually and formally and made from different materials like gold, acrylic and silver.

Photo by Stephanie Landry


Harem pants

Want to see a group of fashion stylists fight? Ask them how they feel about harem pants. They’re either loved or hated. The dropcrotch style came in all types: sweatsuit material, silk and bohemian prints.

Photo by Malarie Zaunbrecher


Gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals, also known as Jesus sandals, were the hot summer essential in 2009. Women wore gladiator sandals and heels with everything from shorts to formal dresses. The ankle-hugging footwear drew attention to and visually lengthened the legs.

File photo


Sack dresses

These days, fashion designers are all about accentuating the waistline, creating a shapely silhouette and showing off a woman’s curves. That wasn’t always the case. In 2008, loose-fitting, unshapely, sack dresses were in style. Some dresses were worn plain, while others were belted at the waist for a feminine feel.

File photo


Cropped blazers with mid-length sleeves

What was it about the early 2000s and garments with awkward lengths? From low-rise, capri pants to crop tops and jackets with mid-length sleeves, in 2007 full-length garments just didn’t make the cut.

File photo


Boot-cut jeans

It doesn’t get much earlier-2000s than boot-cut jeans. Before we switched over to skinny jeans, high-waisted pants, bell-bottoms and rawhem jeans, straightlegged, boot cut jeans were the norm. (Hard to imagine now, right?)