Electric bike store opens on Perkins Road

Electric bicycle retailer eBike Baton Rouge opened today on Perkins Road, two blocks east of Perkins Rowe.

The shop sells electric bikes, which have a motor and rechargeable battery integrated into the frame. Some of the bikes are foldable and light enough to be carried. While they can be propelled using motor-assisted pedaling or fully powered by the motor depending on the model, all allow the rider to disengage the motor for normal, pedal-powered movement.

The store is an authorized dealer for brands Aventon, Eunorau and Qualisports, and the shop’s website states that its prices range from $349 to $1,999. The store also services the bikes it sells.

Owners Jeanelle and Chris Carson have been selling electric bikes for five years and building and servicing them for 10 years. Jeanelle Carson says the success of their original location in New Orleans and the number of customers they attracted from the Baton Rouge area are what led them to open the new location.

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