Easy Lychee – Sips

According to the calendar, the summer is coming to a close. But according to thermostats, the summer heat will be sticking around for a little while longer. And that means we’re still looking for great “cold drinks” in Baton Rouge. The Lychee Martini ($9) at Ichiban’s Sushi on Essen Lane more than fits the bill. Lychee is a delectable tropical fruit native to China and renowned the world over for its natural cooling abilities. This martini combines the breezy feel of Grey Goose vodka and the sunset touch of Malibu coconut rum. Held together by a splash of Sprite and fresh squeezed lychee juice, this smooth drink is light and easygoing. It complements any of Ichiban’s cuisine, or simply pair it with a happy-hour social after a long hot day at the office. Don’t forget to eat the garnish, two lychee, and savor the last fruits of the drink and of summer.