Don’t forget to write in your favorites for the 2022 Best of 225 Awards

This summer, we’ll crown the winners of the 2022 Best of 225 Awards. But first: Nominations.

Your write-in nominations today will 100% determine which people and businesses end up on the ballot this year. So, head over to 225batonrouge.com/bestof225 to nominate all your favorite restaurants, bars, people and businesses for this year’s awards.

Nominations run through Wednesday, Feb. 9. Residents of the 225 area code can submit nominations for as many award categories as they’d like. (And you’re not required to fill out the whole ballot.)

The final voting ballot will be revealed on March 3. Learn more about the awards process in our FAQ.

And don’t forget to campaign! Here are free downloadable social media post and story templates.

Happy nominating!

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