Das a real hero, cher

He’s a Coast Guard veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. His city is a cold shadow of its former self. And he is out for blood—perhaps literally.

Louisiana is about to get its very own superhero, thanks to LSU alum and Los Angeles screenwriter Mark Landry, who is poised to release a new graphic novel series called Bloodthirsty.

Set in a mythical, post-Katrina New Orleans, Bloodthirsty: One Nation Under Water follows a Cajun Creole named Virgil LaFleur who finds himself swept up in a vile plot to destroy the Big Easy while he hunts for his brother’s killers.

Featuring corrupt cops, slick and soulless politicians, a wisecracking street artist and a ruthless magnate with the mysterious gift of eternal youth, Bloodthirsty recasts the city as a dark fantasia, hauntingly familiar, exhilarating and surprising.

Mentored by Georges Jeanty, the artist behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Landry has created a complex hero’s origin story that transcends its cutting humor and gritty violence to raise serious questions about class, economics and political power.

“There’s always some kind of guilt about leaving one’s place of birth,” Landry says. “In some way, I think this story is a way of correcting things in my soul, even if those corrections are fictional. At least I’m saying, ‘Here is one man who is going to stay and help and inspire hope. He isn’t me, but he’s better than me.’”

Illustrated by Anne Rice collaborator Ashley Marie Witter—artist of the hit Interview with the Vampire graphic novel—Bloodthirsty is available for pre-order now. bloodthirstycomic.com