Capitol Grocery sold, to become Spanish Town Market in June

Capitol Grocery, a nearly 100-year-old food and drink store on Spanish Town Road, is under new ownership and will change its name by the first of June. Taylor Blanche, his brother MacKenzie, and his fiancée, Jenna Mouledoux, bought Capitol Grocery from property owner Hamilton Shaw, who had previously leased the store to Mike Herschman. The trio took over operations April 1. On June 1, Mouledoux and Blanche say the grocery’s name will be changed to Spanish Town Market. In addition, Blanche says the store will undergo a sizeable renovation. Some of the upgrades include changes to the produce offerings, and the addition of a full-service restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. More seats, a seated counter area along the wall and bathrooms are also planned, in addition to a handicap-accessible entrance and exit. Blanche says he’d like to offer additional local choices to the grocery as well as deliver food to customers. Blanche, who started working at Capitol Grocery when he was 21, is now a 24-year-old, and says his dream has been to own the Spanish Town landmark. “After [Herschman] gave me the job, I told him I was going to be long term,” Blanche says. “I told him it was a dream of mine to own this place the first day I walked in.” —Matthew Sigur

Editor’s Note: This story has been changed from its original version. Information about the store and its renovations has been corrected. 225 regrets the error.