Best Catches: Andrew Loupe

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Golfer, PGA Tour

Focus, hard work and determination—that’s what got Andrew Loupe where he is today. The former LSU All-American golfer made it to the PGA Tour last year.

Though he’s in his second year on the tour, the 26-year-old still feels at home in Baton Rouge. “I love living here,” he says. “I love the feel of this city.”

The tags of partying and ego often come with an athlete, but Loupe is more about respect and confidence.

“I like balance,” he says. “Sometimes, I’ll need to blow off some steam, and I have to do what I have to do to put my career first. I’m attracted to someone who has a little bit of that same quality, someone who is on a mission and wants to succeed.”

His best trait? “I would have to say my desire to succeed. I got it from my father. There’s no quit in him. He was born with virtually nothing, growing up on a farm, and made himself into a successful man.”

Highlight of his first year on the tour: “Having a chance to win at the Valero [Texas Open] in San Antonio, playing in the final group. That was a thrill. I want that chance again.”

Biggest turn off? “I’m talking to you, and you’re talking on the phone. It’s getting worse and worse.”

Thoughts on the Baton Rouge dating scene? “There are a lot of girls who are fun to be around and have great personalities.”