Baton Rouge is best foodie city for groups in ConventionSouth poll

The Red Stick can add a foodie award to its wall after acquiring around 1,800 votes and winning the ConventionSouth poll for the South’s Best Foodie Cities for Groups.
Baton Rouge garnered 700 more votes than the second-place city Jackson, Miss. Nearly 5,000 people voted in the poll overall earlier this month, and Baton Rouge beat out cities from Mississippi, Alabama and Florida and even New Orleans in the Gulf States Region category. The award and poll was made to find “the best of the best when it comes to offering traveling groups a wide selection of unique, intriguing and delicious cuisine,” ConventionSouth Associate Publisher and Editor Marlane Bundock says. “Whether groups are coming to town for a business meeting, trade show, wedding or other event, their attendees are sure to be delighted by the food offered at these cities.” —Matthew Sigur