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Taken for a Fool. New York rockers The Strokes returned March 22 with their long-awaited fourth album, Angles, a concise, and oddly futuristic blend of fancy fretwork and Lou Reed-meets-The Cars cool. The catchy ramshackle glory of “Taken for a Fool” retains The Strokes’ old retro style and stands out as this tightly wound band’s loosest and jumpiest jam in years.


How to prank someone’s food for April Fool’s Day. From the innocent chuckle of switching cereal bags within the boxes to the downright cruelty of passing off chocolate covered garlic cloves as chocolate covered peanuts, this devious video will give you enough simple ways to make April Fools out of every friend and relative you have—or at least the ones with easily accessible pantries. But be warned: you may never share a meal again.