Another Broken Egg

The Ambiance: Casual
Kid-friendly: Yes
Lunch: Yes

2531 CitiPlace Court • 615-8461

Daily, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

No reservations • All credit cards

Mom always said breakfast was the most important meal of the day. Another Broken Egg Café, the latest addition to CitiPlace on Corporate Boulevard, not only agrees with her, but wants to make breakfast the most frequent meal, too.

Entrepreneur Ron Green established the Broken Egg Café in Old Mandeville on the North Shore of Lake Ponchartrain in 1996 after moving back from California and growing dissatisfied with the lack of quality brunch options at hand. With a vision for offering creative breakfast, brunch and lunch dishes, he now operates more than 20 locations across the Southeast, Texas and in southern California.

Though other franchise locations of this breakfast-centric concept have come and gone in Baton Rouge, with a fresh menu of omelets, salads and sandwiches, a new location and an inviting interior, Another Broken Egg is poised for seconds.

Find out what our secret diners thought of Another Broken Egg Café by scrolling down.

I add a lot to my eggs and expect restaurants to do the same.

I’d recommend:
Biscuit Beignets ($4.99). This mound of eight crispy fried donuts was rolled head to toe in powdered sugar. Biting into the first one, I noticed a lighter, pillowy texture and buttermilk flavor that was much better than the typically heavy, too-doughy taste of very thick beignets. But the best part was the side cup of orange peel-infused honey for dipping. Brilliant.

The Mardi Gras ($10.99). Red peppers and green onions collide with hearty smoked Andouille sausage slices and plump crawfish tails in this massive and tangy three-egg omelet. What a way to carb up. This is one of the best egg dishes I’ve ever had. It balanced loads of Creole flavor without being too heavy, and the whole wheat English muffin and house-made butter were a perfect compliment.

Country Potatoes (complimentary with certain dishes, $2.49 as a side). What is there to say about hash browns’ rural cousins? These were perfectly fried and not greasy, with just the right punch of salt to counter the sweetness of those beignets.

Not my taste:
The Belgian Waffle ($7.99). Not that there was anything wrong with my waffle, but out of everything I tried, this dish felt the most run-of-the-mill. I regretted ordering it and secretly coveted the Cinnamon Roll French Toast I watched disappear at the next table.

The bottom line:
They really can do anything with an egg and do it well. Our service was fast and friendly—genuinely friendly, not cloyingly chummy—and I’ll definitely be back to work my way through this huge menu.

My palate is limited so I may be tough to please.

I’d recommend:
Blackberry Grits ($2.99). For a reasonably priced appetizer, I highly recommend the blackberry grits. The small portion is hardly enough to share with two people, but is quite tasty and primes your taste buds for the main course. These semi-sweet grits are served warm with real blackberries and butter.

Cinnamon Roll French Toast ($24). The chefs cook their cinnamon rolls in a French toast batter and top them with cream cheese icing, warm berries, whipped cream and—the secret ingredient—Bananas Foster sauce.

Traditional Day Starter ($6.99 – $12.99). As such a picky eater, I tend to gravitate toward standard breakfast selections. Another Broken Egg’s traditional breakfast includes two eggs, potatoes and an English muffin—which I substituted for a biscuit. You then have a choice of meat to add to the mix that includes everything from the traditional bacon or sausage to country ham or steak. It’s plain and simple but extremely filling and presented nicely with an orange garnish.

Not my taste:
Potatoes Sensations ($8.49). I absolutely love potatoes, but this fried starch fest was just a bit too much on my stomach. The entire plate is smothered in their blend of Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese, and after about six bites I was wanting something else. This entree seemed like it would be a great side item at a smaller portion size but as an entree it was just overkill.

The bottom line:
The food is amazing, although the portions seem to have gotten slightly smaller, and the service is fast and friendly. My only other complaint is that the restaurant doesn’t have that “at-home” feel of other incarnations of the franchise. But you forget all about the atmosphere after that first delectable bite.

I eat breakfast like this for breakfast.

I’d recommend:
Eggs Blackstone ($12.79). McDonald’s knows that people love eggs and English muffins, but they haven’t got a prayer of doing it this well. The poached eggs were done just right, and the addition of chives, bacon, tomato and Hollandaise nearly put me into a breakfast coma—in a good way.

Biscuit Beignets ($4.99). Mix chewy biscuit texture with sugary beignet sweetness, and you get this delicious appetizer. Be generous with the honey-marmalade sauce, as it adds a whole new dimension of flavor to this treat. Be sure you’ve got someone to share it with. It’s definitely a dish designed for two.

Turk 185 ($8.99). Thick slices of roasted turkey paired with my favorite toppings—avocado and bacon—make this a great alternative if you’re looking for something other than breakfast at Another Broken Egg. Fresh but substantial, the sourdough slices set off the flavors of this sandwich perfectly.

Not my taste:
Spinach Salad ($9.49). Serves me right for ordering something like a salad at a place that tops nearly everything on their menu with Hollandaise and cheese, but this dish was overwhelming in size and underwhelming in taste.

The bottom line:
For ovivores, this place is Nirvana. If you’re also just looking for a place to take the family for breakfast, Another Broken Egg is an excellent bet, too. The service is quick and friendly, the food is great and served in more than generous portions, and those concerned about their waistlines can split a dish or stick to the healthier items pointed out on the menu.