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  • The Dunham School
  • The Dunham School
  • The Dunham School

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The Dunham School


As the leading private Christian school in Baton Rouge for girls and boys in grades PreK3-12, Dunham prepares students for success in college and in life. Within the framework of Christian instruction and example, the students are challenged to think, inspired to create, empowered to lead, and motivated to win. At Dunham, you’ll find intentionally small classes, where a blend of traditional and innovative teaching is combined with the latest technology to ignite creativity and intellectual curiosity. You’ll discover expert teachers who treasure each child as the individual he or she was created to be, and you’ll find challenging academic, athletic, fine arts, and leadership programs that enable the students to meet their God-given potential now and in the future. But it’s not just their college preparatory curriculum, cutting-edge technology, and innovative programs that single them out as the best private school in Baton Rouge. It’s how their faculty and students use these resources every day—collaborating, problem solving, mentoring, communicating, learning, and leading—that’s unique. And it’s the Christlike love modeled and lived out daily that creates a palpable and joyful spirit on their campus—a spirit that makes all the difference in preparing students for college and for life.


Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.