Tiger Pride Podcast: Rescheduling the Florida game couldn’t have come at a better time for LSU

It’s been a rough start to the 2020 season for LSU.

The opening week defeat to Mississippi State was one thing, but giving up a whopping 45 points to Missouri—which had previously averaged about 15 points per game—was another. The opposing Tigers punted the ball just once all afternoon as they racked up 586 yards of total offense.

LSU gave up big play after big play, including touchdowns of 58, 29, 16, 41 and 21 yards. It was a performance that was simply but accurately summed up by Coach O afterward as “embarrassing.”

So it didn’t look great for the Tigers entering Saturday’s scheduled matchup with No. 10 Florida, which was averaging more than 42 points per game through three weeks. But Wednesday afternoon, Florida announced that roughly 22 players and a few additional coaches have all tested positive for COVID-19 and the SEC showdown would be moved to Dec. 12.

It’s never a good thing to have athletes and coaches exposed to the virus, but the break in the season may work in LSU’s favor. The Tigers now have an extra week to regroup, reassess and reset their minds defensively before going back out on the field.

So what can LSU do to fix their defensive problems? Tiger Pride Podcast co-hosts Mark Clements and Jerit Roser run through all the glaring issues and where some answers may be found moving forward.

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