I am 225: Aline Moreaux

Aline Moreaux was born to create. Within hours, she can turn a blank screen on her tablet into a quirky crawfish-themed greeting card or a romantic couple’s portrait.

Her Louisiana-inspired pieces can be spotted all over town. Flip through a stack of her royal blue Baton Rouge posters in a bin at a Mid City Makers Market pop-up, or sift through baskets of pink spoonbill greeting cards, alligator stickers and watercolor bumblebee and crab prints for sale at Bin Q, Tread BR and Fresh Salon. And as her customer base grows, you’ll increasingly find them lining walls in homes across the state.

Moreaux is only 23, wrapping up her senior year at LSU, but she’s already won major local awards, including this year’s Student Best in Show at the American Advertising Federation Baton Rouge’s ADDY Awards. She’s excited to keep growing, as she collaborates with more local businesses and explores new mediums, including her first mural for Hands Producing Hope’s upcoming brick and mortar.

Her love for vibrant colors and hand-sketched art runs deeper than the stylish illustrations she’s known for. The graphic design student started painting in high school. Before studying design, her first love was painting animal portraits with watercolors. In 2018, Moreaux turned her after-school hobby into a business.

Her proudest creation since has been her ADDY Award-winning branding project for a fictional sake bar she completed for a design class. She conceptualized and designed all the marketing elements, from the modern window sign to the sake packaging. 

Before switching her major to graphic design in 2016, she was studying animal science. She has always loved animals, but she wanted a more creative career. She married her two loves by incorporating animals into many of her pieces. On her online shop, customers can buy designs featuring birds, beavers, crawfish and Mike The Tiger.

Her work is inspired largely by her home state, history, travels abroad and different cultures. It is personal—and that’s perhaps why people are connecting with it. alinemoreaux.com

“I’ve just been really blessed to live here forever in such a rich culture.”

This article was originally published in the April 2020 issue of 225 Magazine.