SIPS: O Christmas Tea

Photo by Collin Richie

To cozy up the winter chills, Red Stick Spice Company’s Fais Do Do tea is a perfect go-to. This is the shop’s top-selling in-house tea—a sweet blend infused with heady aromas of peppermint and Tahitian vanilla. It’s like a Christmas cookie in a cup. Add South African rooibos, nourishing Honeybush and Egyptian chamomile and you’ve got a recipe for one comforting herbal brew. Whether you chose to sprinkle in sugar or drink it plain, the flavors of this locally made concoction are as rich as any holiday dessert, with a freshness you can’t find in a fruitcake. And at $3.99 per ounce, the Fais Do Do also makes a smart stocking stuffer for the tea lovers in your life. So roll up those sweater sleeves and steep in heavenly peace.

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