Beyond the blueberry muffin

There’s nothing like the comfort of a fresh blueberry muffin in the morning or a warm blueberry cobbler after dinner. But what about snacking? The Blueberry Crumble Bars ($2.25) at Garden District Coffee—formerly known as Perks—are one delicious answer that can be enjoyed freshly baked at home or with a good read at the Perkins Road coffee shop. One bite and buttery crumbles tumble in your mouth with bursts of blueberry juice and a slight tang of lemon. Gourmet Girls owner Kathy Mangham bakes these bars and other sweet treats for Garden District Coffee from her little kitchen down the street and has provided the recipe for this and other dishes on her popular culinary blog. Her recipe is designed for baking in bulk, so cut the measurements in half if you make these bars at home. Here are Mangham’s tips for perfect bars: The butter—a stick and a half, if baking at home—needs to be soft. Mangham leaves hers out overnight. Pat down the bottom layer of the flour mixture and make sure it is evenly distributed. Use fresh blueberries when possible, but if you must use frozen, add lemon juice to prevent sogginess. Find this recipe and more at gourmetgirl1.blogspot.com.