31 Flavors – Sip

Tin Roof Brewery recently opened in downtown Baton Rouge, giving the Capital City a potential flagship beer—and giving fanatical home brewers and thirsty tailgaters something else to obsess about. Earlier this year, though, a few Cajuns in nearby Arnaudville had a similar idea. The Knots brothers launched Bayou Teche Brewing with LA-31 Bičre Pale, a hop-filled English ale that complements just about anything served in a spicy Creole dish. It’s also light and smooth enough to be refreshing during our still-lingering warm weather. When temperatures do cool, the brewery’s brand-new Bičre Noire, inspired by the rich black coffee the Knots’ French ancestors were fond of drinking, could be a worthy sip to welcome winter. Six-packs of LA-31 Bičre Pale are available at several local stores, including Whole Foods, where it retails for $8.99.