Anthony’s Italian Deli – Hot Lunch

That delicious aroma. If I had an Italian grandmother, I imagine this is what her kitchen would smell like. At Anthony’s Italian Deli, hidden in a back corner of a strip mall off Florida Boulevard, no such imagination is necessary. The whole family works the counter, and the scent of their creations is tantalizing.

The New Orleans-style muffoletta ($11.25) is delectable and feeds two people. You can order the muffoletta for one, but it’ll be on po-boy bread instead of the classic round muffoletta bread, so you’re really better off bringing a friend to share or just wrapping up the rest to take home. Daily specials include spaghetti with meatballs and sausage po-boys. Then there’s the Cheese Lover ($11.25/$7.25) for vegetarians (or, well, cheese lovers), featuring multiple cheeses melted together perfectly with tomatoes. Anthony’s is a deli, of course, so you can straight-up buy the various specialty meats and cheeses—all of which run aplenty.

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