'Endangered Species in the Gulf' premieres Tuesday 'Endangered Species in the Gulf' premieres Tuesday
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Louisiana Public Broadcasting will premiere an episode of Alive! in America's Delta that focuses on endangered species in the Gulf of Mexico Tuesday, March 18, at 7 p.m.

The one-hour documentary was produced locally for Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries by an award-winning team including Christina Hendrick Melton, Rex Q. Fortenberry, Keith Crews, Gary Allen, Mark Carroll and Mike Esnault.

The third in a six-part series, this program focuses on endangered Gulf marine, mammal and bird species, the factors threatening their survival, conservation efforts and the use cutting edge technology to monitor and protect them. 

“Through the show, we hope to encourage the people of Louisiana to become educated about threats to species [and] conservation [efforts]," says Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Secretary Robert Barham.

For example, the West Indian manatee, the Gulf sturgeon, sperm and right whales and birds such as the piping plover and the least tern make the Gulf their home. The survival of these unique and beautiful animals is dependent upon their habitats, which have been compromised recently by both natural and man-made disasters.

Of the world's seven endangered sea turtles, five species reside in the Gulf. The Kemp's Ridley sea turtle faces particular challenges. Though an array of projects are helping with sea turtle protection, wildlife officials say the number of deaths have risen in the last four years.

With 15,000 identified in the Gulf, LDWF biologists rely on the public's help in reporting injured animals, so the sea turtles get the life-saving treatment they need.

This episode also chronicles resurgence of Louisiana's brown pelican. In the 1960s, widespread use of the pesticide DDT led to the extinction of the state bird. After the insecticide was banned in the early 1970s, Louisiana wildlife officials released 1,200 young Florida pelicans, which repopulated the Bayou State. The program worked so well that in 2009, the magnificent bird was removed from the Endangered Species List.

“At a time when so many species of wildlife are threatened, we—once in a while—have an opportunity to celebrate an amazing success story,” Barham says.

While there have been some success stories, the preservation and protection of the endangered species in the northern Gulf will always be a work in progress particularly in light of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. While the Gulf harbors a resilient ecosystem, it needs protection to remain viable for generations to come.

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